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Our story

We are Genie & Sami, two halves of one big passion for scuba diving - combined we are Scubalife HD. Our alias on Facebook where we originally started sharing our passion and respect for this amazing past-time - this addiction!

Also extremely passionate about the environment & protecting it, you will also learn that following a vegan lifestyle, & implementing that choice into our diving activity, means we are real advocates for responsible diving practices & encouraging these important behaviours in everyone we meet.   


Join us in our undersea adventures through underwater photography, videography and blog posts!

And should you wish to join us on our diving adventures in person, then you may well be interested in our current and future projects! 

Diver-sity, an associative club based in France, organising dive trips for various groups of dive individuals including LGBT divers, Deaf and hard-of-hearing divers with sign-language skilled instructors, to name just a few... find out more 

Other projects include specifically designed diving courses making scuba diving more accessible to other diverse groups. Subscribe below for exciting announcements! 

Here's hoping you will join us for our dive adventures & become part of our great scuba dive story.

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