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A Plastic Ocean - 4 Years on ...

Updated: Jul 1

People that already know us, follow us on social media platform, are aware of our life-style choices; especially so the vegan & green friendly message we transmit in our everyday lives! So it comes as no great surprise that we were compelled to take up the offer of "We Love Cinema" to profit from a free-viewing of A Plastic Ocean. I will be honest this film slipped under the radar …

Firstly thanks to the team for allowing the grand public free access to this eye-opening documentary; we know paid views are what enables projects such as this to exist in the first place - so again a big thank you!

During the first few minutes of the film I wasn’t at all sure if I had clicked on the right link! The camera giving out magnificent images of the majestic Blue Whale & you could almost be mistaken for that instant that everything was amazing in the world. A shift of focus and bang you are slap in the middle of a horror movie!

The images shot off the coast of Sri Lanka, an island very dear to my heart, show a thick slick of disgusting debris, a mixture of oil, plastics & goodness knows what forming a putrid film across the beautiful Indian Ocean! Sadly the images shot off this gem of an island, in the middle of this once magnificent stretch of water, are not unique to this place - these images are found throughout the globe!

Directed by Australian journalist Craig Leeson, what started out as a journey to film the largest animal on the planet turned into an investigation into the absolute devastating impact plastic has had, and continues to have, on Mother earth and her oceans! I don’t mind telling you there wasn’t a dry eye in our house last night!

From images of landfills of stinking plastic waste, to families living in & foraging through filthy plastic villages to scrape a living together selling plastics to buy rice, you would be forgiven for believing all of this was orchestrated to make plastic producers seem worse than we already imagine. Sadly the stories of generations of families suffering cancers as a direct result of living in these deplorable chemically poisonous conditions will continue for as long as the companies producing these toxic materials don’t take responsibility for their disposal!

And the devastation of plastic, as is shown in the film, isn’t just killing humans - the planet and its animals are dying a horrifyingly painful death too! Images, almost too unbearable to watch, of whales, turtles, birds, fish - the list goes on - ending their lives in agony from intestines & stomachs packed with poisonous and indigestible pieces of plastic, are to be witnessed throughout the 1 hour 40 minute documentation of our impact on our fragile earth!

From a kid that refused to take part in the obligatory dissection of animals in biology at school, the footage of animal autopsies was particularly difficult for me, but I forced myself to watch the horrors as more than 250 pieces of plastic were removed from the sliced-open stomach of a 90-day-old chick! And when fish were opened up the idea that this plastic, this poisonous plastic, was actually so evidently rife in the food-chain, & that people were still willing to eat it, made me even more sure of why I am a vegan!

While this type of powerful reporting exists, bearing evidence of our devastating mistreatment of our planet, and while I have to agree that it is powerful and should be motivating us all to end or use & disposal of plastics in our everyday lives, I ask why we are not doing more?

This film was released in 2016, and sadly today people are still not taking responsibility for their own actions!

For one day, World Ocean Day, this film was available to watch for free. I feel like saying it should be free to watch & watch & watch … but then teams like the ones who made this film need fundings to do so. I would encourage everyone reading this to go and pay the few euros & watch and understand why it’s time for all to wake up before it’s too late.

As is the case every year, we will be doing our “Plastic Free July” campaign and looking at ways we can all reduce our plastic use. The campaign, while it only lasts a month, explores ways in which we can reduce our plastics forever. We have done a great job so far, details to come next month, but we still believe we can do more! We hope you will join us … watch out for #plasticfreejuly & until then think before you buy, before you use & before you throw away your plastic! Ask yourself if you truly know where it will end up?