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Benefits of diving Nitrox - if you didn’t already know …

What is Nitrox?

As suggested by the name it’s a gas mix containing Nitrogen & Oxygen. Diving Nitrox involves increasing the usual quantity of Oxygen (21%) in the mix - higher than is in the atmosphere naturally - so that the pressure of Nitrogen is reduced which reduces the uptake in the body’s tissues.

In layman’s terms what that means is you can dive longer while reducing the risks of decompression sickness*.

The primary benefits of diving Enriched Air as well as reducing Nitrogen are :

  • extend your no-stop time during your dive - yes giving you your longer dive-time!

  • make more repetitive dives!

  • reduces the tiring effects of nitrogen!

  • reduce the health risks associated with increased levels of nitrogen in the body!

So the biggest bonus is for holiday-makers! And here in Martinique we have a lot of divers on holiday wanting to enjoy their dive-time to the max!

Spending ages on reefs taking hundreds of photos of the magnificent flora & fauna! Making sure you can benefit from as many of the dive sites the local dive clubs have to offer. And following the recent Covid crisis, making up for all that lost dive-time!

And here’s the deal - we have a great offer on the PADI Enriched Air Nitrox course to welcome you back into the water after a long dry 3 months with up to 30% off the usual price!

The course is entirely online, however those of you wishing to do your first Nitrox dive with an instructor in Martinique are more than welcome!

All you need to do is visit our Website & contact us for details!

*remain vigilant, dive safely, stay within dive limits, there are no guarantees concerning Decompression Sickness!