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Celebrating women in Scuba Diving - PADI Women’s Dive Day 18th July 2020

Scuba diving an activity often associated with men, has over the last ten years, and thanks partly to organisations such as PADI, witnessed an upsurge in the presence of women. And with special days such as PADI Women’s Dive Day dedicated to celebrating that presence, diving has never been so female friendly!

However when you look at some of the figures you realise it’s not time to give up the Women’s Power fight just yet!

Looking at just one of the more extreme examples of women in diving you can see from the figures that the guys are not quite ready to share their underwater playground without a fight …

  • Just 1% of military divers are made up of divers with only a few dozen females ever making the grade of military surface divers since the first women graduated from Navy Dive School in 1976!

That is not to say that women haven’t fought to have their place in this male-dominated role. Let’s take a look at a real inspiration in the women’s movement in scuba diving Dottie Frazier.

Born in 1922, Dottie holds her place as a true pioneer in scuba diving. Thanks to her dad ,who was reportedly to have treated her like a son, she developed a true love affair with the ocean was an accomplished swimmer by the age of 3. In 1955 Dottie proudly became the very first female scuba diving instructor. And she didn’t stop there! She went on to own her own dive shop, commercially produced wet & dry suits & all of this while having a family of 4 sons all of whom became scuba divers. A truly inspirational woman in diving Dottie was honoured as a life member of the Long Beach Neptunes & entered the Women Divers Hall of Fame.

Today with a reported only 35% of scuba divers being female we have a long way to go but let’s face it if Dottie could do it way back in 1955 we stand a great chance in 2020!

So let’s celebrate PADI Women’s Day & show the male world we are proud to own our place in one of the best activities there is around - scuba diving!

If you would like to celebrate Women's Dive Day, we are joining a club on the island of Martinique & would love to see you there!