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Scuba diving is a lifestyle! Not only our job, our passion but a great big slice of our life: Let us share that lifestyle here with you ... everything from reflections, scuba diving adventures and amazing adventures under the sea! 

Giant Stride for Diving!

Not only has the diving in Martinique started to reopen - brilliant news - we are preparing to head back over there in the next 3 weeks, and we are also in the middle of several new & exciting projects! Let me tell you more …

Dive Shop

We have accepted the kind offer of Diving Specials affiliation programme and will be showcasing their great scuba diving goodies on our website diversity.com plus Facebook Page!

How this works?

You, our dive buddies, follow the shopping links provided on our site, buy some cool scuba stuff from t-shirts, to gadgets, to jewellery directly from the Diving Specials shop and we get a commission! That means everything you buy goes to helping our businesses in these difficult times! We love this “coming together” spirit, thanks Sarah! Take a look in the shop the prices are really reasonable & the products fun!

Once this period is behind us don’t forget to head over to Diving Specials, Sarah will help you with all your dive holiday trip needs!

Zoom Room!

We have been chatting for some time now about needing to enhance the way we provide scuba diving courses! The concept, not a new one, is to offer the theory & written part of most diving courses via eLearning. That way when you go on holiday all you have to concentrate on is the fun part, the practical diving part! Imagine no more sitting on the beach or in your hotel room learning dive theory on your smart phone - do it all now in the comfort of your own home! And save money!

Let us introduce Zoom Room...

Zoom Room is where we will support you through your scuba learning experience via Zoom the leading communications video platform. Group courses will offer great interactive learning spaces. Individual courses will offer one-to-one support; these will be offered free with every entry-level scuba course taken - Scuba Diver, Open Water Diver etc.

And the newest edition to our Zoom Room is our Go Pro English Room. Keep following to find out more!

Specialty Dive courses

As a little thank you for your support, and to give you the divers the incentive to get back in the water we are offering some great offers on PADI Specialty Courses.

Our first package offers you the following 3 courses:

Package underwater adventurer:

  1. Enriched Air Nitrox Diver - complete this course entirely online in our Zoom Room. Groups of 4. This is one of the most popular PADI Specialty Course. More “no decompression time”, especially on scuba trips where you want to make more repetitive dives. (we recommend doing your first Nitrox dive with your instructor after online completion).

  2. Digital Photo or Video - Start this course in the Zoom Room & continue the in-water part this summer. A real bonus especially when diving one of our dive-spots in Martinique! Capture the wonderful colours & marine-life to give you lasting memories of your dive trips. Available to all level of photographer & videographer.

  3. Underwater Naturalist - Start this course in the Zoom Room & continue the in-water part this summer. A real bonus to any budding photographer or a diver who would just like to know more about the underwater creatures observed on a dive. Learn to identify the difference between what is a plant and what is an animal - you will be amazed to find out that what you thought was a plant is actually an animal! Learn about ecosystems and the underwater habits of marine life.

The great advantage of this package is that all diving can be done using Nitrox!

To find out more about this 3 specialty offer contact us and we’ll tell you how you can get started & how to book the dives! Trust us you won’t be disappointed by the savings you'll receive on buying the Underwater Adventurer package!

On to other news:

Both Genie and I are also hard at work developing exciting new distinctive specialty diver courses! Although we are not yet ready to unveil them just yet we promise they are going to be just fabulous! Just a little clue: both specialty courses are about the things we are most passionate about as individuals … should be interesting …

So with the dive industry taking back to the water, this summer is looking to be quite promising in comparison to the last few months of lockdown. Several dive centres in Martinique have reopened their doors and we will soon be over there to join them!