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Scuba diving is a lifestyle! Not only our job, our passion but a great big slice of our life: Let us share that lifestyle here with you ... everything from reflections, scuba diving adventures and amazing adventures under the sea! 

My parents are dive addicts!

June is a big month for Mummy & Daddy divers! With Mother's and Father's day falling in June & following a miserable month of no-dive lockdown, why not treat your parents to a dive goodie to keep them going until their next scuba dive!

We are offering a range of dive goodies through our affiliation shop Diving Specials. You can find a multitude of gadgets, t-shirts, mugs, baseball boots, stickers etc. Pop over to our store and order to avoid disappointment ...

Find something for your special dive addict mum ...

And a range of goodies for dive addict Dad!

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