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#PlasticFreeJuly - +1

Updated: Jul 8

Out of sight, out of mind - looking below the surface!

Plastic Free July is 10 years old - so why is it only our 3rd year? I will try to answer …

We are real Greenies, vegans, do our bit for recycling, try not to overspend, over-consume … not perfect, nobody is, but we do our best!

Talking from my point of view here, before I dived my eyes were more focused on the surface - and that, in terms of plastic pollution was more than enough. However, put your nose in what goes on under the surface too and the real horrors unfold! Our planet is literally drowning in the plastic-stuff; all sizes & shapes from the great big plastic drums dumped on waterways to the tiniest particles making their way into our food chain … it’s disgusting!

Imagine a day to the beach brings home this ...

What does Plastic Free July look like after 3 years? Well to give you an idea we are going to write a series of blogs dedicated to the changes we have made in our daily lives, and solutions for improving single-plastic use in your lives!

Taking a look into each room of the average household, we will start to make a list of just how much of the plastic stuff we use! The interesting part comes next … By showing you alternatives for each item, some surprisingly saving you money in the long-term, we can hopefully reduce that plastic together!

All campaigns need impact, Plastic Free July too, so we are also going to look at what destruction and suffering plastic is causing to our planet, and its animals!

Our aim is simply to add a layer to the already great work of the Plastic Free July campaign by hopefully inspiring you to join us in reducing single-use plastic in each and everyone of our lives!

Subscribe & log-in tomorrow where we will start our journey in the bathroom! We will look at how you can start to transform your bathroom into a plastic-free environment! Together we can make #plasticfreejuly count ...

Be a part of the solution join too, take the challenge https://www.plasticfreejuly.org/