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#PlasticFreeJuly - +2

Updated: Jul 8

The bathroom, getting down to plastic-free business!

The solution lies with all of us ... #plasticfreejuly

Shower gel, shampoo & conditioner, bubble-bath, hair products (gel, mousse, spray, oil, etc.), body creams/lotions/oils, Face care (exfoliant, scrubs, cream, moisturiser etc.), toothpaste pumps, tooth brushes, tooth floss, ear buddies, nail products (remover, conditioner, etc.), intimate care (sanitary products, wash, etc.), men’s face care & beard products, and the list I’m sure is incomplete and doesn’t take into account all of those plastic containers for your cleaning detergents … we have a challenge on our hands!

So why do we need to change our single-plastic buying habits?

The answer is simple: if we don't want to destroy our planet at the rate we are today, we need to act & to act fast! And #PlasticFreeJuly offers a real easy-to-follow guide to doing just that!

Remember the challenge to reduce single-use-plastics is better off achieved by going one step at a time! Don’t rush into the change by haphazardly throwing away all those plastic bottles and replacing them with green options. If you want the change to be for the better, and to be durable, the beginning of the transition is the most important! Using up everything that you already have is the evident first step, then the important questions, which we will try our best to answer “what do I do with all those plastic bottles?” and "how do I replace the products?".

I’ve used up my stocks what’s next?

Some of the greener options we’re going to talk about throughout this series of blogs require bottles. It’s for you to decide; either you reuse the plastic bottles you have finished in the bathroom, or you buy bottles and containers in alternative materials. Either way, if you dispose of the plastic do so responsibly - we don’t want that plastic to end up back in the environment do we!

Reducing plastic-bottled liquid-soaps

We have long been seduced by adverts for shower gels and bubble-baths promising fresher revitalised skin but is there any evidence their claims are true? One thing is for sure, the greener alternatives suggested here do promise that they are safer for the environment! And just because they are greener doesn’t mean they don’t look and smell just as nice as the plastic variety!

So what are the alternatives?

Solid soaps are one of the best solutions in reducing plastic, especially in the bathroom. They can be used in place of traditional liquid soaps, shampoos & intimate washes. Good news, eco-friendly soaps have never been easier to make, and with the addition of essential oils you can make a wide variety of soaps coupled with the scent to suit your mood! Pampering yourself has never been so green …

These home-made soaps by my cousin Lisa make for a pretty eco-friendly alternative to shop bought soaps! The natural fibre soap bag reduces waste!

Some other green tips for the bathroom …

Not up to making your own soaps? Don't worry there exists lots of websites offering green online shopping! Alternative offers include solid soaps, solid shampoos & conditioners, and if these don’t suit there are always the refill options!

Replacing your plastic toothbrush for bamboo is a popular choice for people really wishing to do their bit for the environment. Swapping cottonwool pads for the reusable solutions on offer not only saving the planet but money too! As for those single-use cotton ear buddies ... the image below says it all ...

Please change to the reusable bamboo alternative!

And for the green-friendly woman switching from tampons, which have their own hidden dangers both to women & the environment, to a menstrual cup offers real piece of mind & a planet-friendly solution! Of course as with most of these alternatives there is the initial cost of making the switch but the long-term saving speaks for itself!

One thing is certain, in light of the recent environmental & Covid19 health crisis, there has never been a better time to help heal our planet. Nature has shown over the last few months that with the absence of humans it can heal! Nobody is suggesting humans should stay locked in forever, but with a little bit of intelligence, & positive action it is obvious that we can be kinder to the world we live in!

Should you need a little reminder why your participation to #PlasticFreeJuly has never been as important ...

The horrors we inflict with single-use plastic waste!