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Scrawled Filefish - gentle Aluterus scriptus

The Scrawled filefish - Aluterus scriptus, although not seen often due to its onboard camouflaging techniques, is a real delight to video & photograph due to its slow movement through the water.

Found in the warm waters off the French Caribbean island of Martinique in the 10-20 metre zone, the scrawled filefish - also known as broadtail filefish - can measure up to around 100cm! The one seen in the photos and video measuring around 70 centimetres.

As mentioned previously Aluterus scriptus is truly a master of disguise! And when he settles down against coral for example you will be in for an exceptional coloraturas mimicking show!

Timid, shy and a loner, this filefish can rarely be found in groups but alone seemingly going happily about its business. It’s sure that there are no signs of aggressively from this fish!

Tips for divers wanting to photograph this impressive, strange looking fish, take your time. Don't rush up on it as it will make the most of its flat slender body and slide directly under the nearest rock!