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Special Dive Newsletter Post-Covid

Hello dive buddies!

We’re going with the title Post-Covid however in the dive world it’s not really the case!

As countries in Europe start relaxing the lockdown restrictions many, including us, were excitedly getting ready to throw on our wetsuits & go for that long-awaited plunge. However reopening dive centres & other businesses is proving to be a little more problematic than solely getting social distancing & hygiene procedures in place! We have all been rushing around, taking advice from all available sources, changing in-centre procedures & working tirelessly to ensure we can accept divers in total security, but the biggest uncertainty lies with the countries themselves and local legislations & restrictions!

We are still heading off to Martinique in just over two weeks as planned, however returning to diving as we knew it pre-Covid seems to be some way off for the moment. And of course we need to spare a thought for the dive centres struggling to make business ends meet, for they are the ones bearing the brunt in this dive-world crisis! Dive centres in Martinique, for the moment, are permitted to take divers out 8 at a time, and when you think they have boat capacities of up to 20-30 and not forgetting the extra finance needed to make the dive centres post-Covid ready, they are losing a tidy sum daily!

So what do dive instructors do in Martinique while waiting for the scuba business to return to normal? Well the first thing is to tighten belts and then to continue to install confidence in divers to return to diving just as soon as we have the go-ahead.

From our side, Genie & I are working to improve eLearning approaches to the theory side of dive courses. We have created our Zoom Room, a project for the future to encourage divers to complete the non-diving part of scuba diving courses, in the comfort of their own home, giving them more time to enjoy the diving while in Martinique!

Zoom Room makes it easier to learn from home!

Cancelling our plans to return to Martinique has at times been a real possibility! Going from a full-time dive contract to this kind of uncertainty has rattled us we don’t mind admitting, but the draw of this small island in the Lesser French Antilles is just too strong!

So it looks like we will just have to spend our time diving for our own pleasure when we can, taking underwater photos & videos ,and in-between keeping you guys up to date with lots of amazing images, we will take some deserved rest in the sunshine and wait for you to arrive!

Until we dive again, continue to be careful & remember to pop by for the latest update on the diving in Martinique. We will be quite busy with the move but we will take time to continue to give you updates!

Coming soon ... fingers crossed ...