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Think Green, Dive clean for World Ocean Day!

Updated: Jun 8

For several months we have sat watching the outside world & nature from our living rooms, via TVs, Youtube, Facebook & other media forms. We have marvelled at how Mother Earth & her oceans were healing without us! We have watched animals claim back their rightful places, and swore that when we “got out” we were going to be better humans … A few weeks later, have we kept those poignant promises?

In many cases clearly the answer is NO!

Facebook has been littered over the last week or so with posts “Masks & Gloves discarded in nature throughout the world”, “Stupid humans, when will you learn? Masks & gloves found on beaches everywhere …”, “We should not go back to normal, because normal was the problem!”…. the list is endless and grows bigger by the day as more and more countries begin to lift their Covid lockdowns!

Some of the horrifying images appearing post Covid lockdown!

With many scientists telling us that “Nature is sending us a message” with the coronavirus pandemic & that if we do not tidy up our act we are playing with fire, how many of us care if we get our fingers burnt!

For years now, and with the help of social networks, we have been reiterating the need to reduce waste, and especially plastic, being carelessly dumped into nature and the world’s oceans. And yet only a matter of days following our release back into the beautiful nature we are privileged to live in, we are have already forgotten the promises we made if we were to make it through this horrendous world health crisis. Personally, this horrifies me!

As a dive instructor I get to see the destruction caused to our oceans everyday, I have a front seat view! Yes, some may say I am lucky to have such a job and on the main part I would agree, however imagine gathering the rubbish of others everyday too! And worse still imagine picking up the discarded masks and gloves used as a deterrent against the Covid virus! Would you feel so lucky?

So while we, the ocean lovers, think of ideas to highlight the “Plastic-Free July” campaign next month, we also need to think of another campaign on how to get people to dispose of their used masks & gloves safely without adding further pressure to our suffocating planet!

The responsibility lies with everyone; yes the clean-up dives organised by dive centres & individuals around the world will help to clean up the rubbish already dumped into nature, but everyone needs to be more responsible concerning waste disposal!

If you wish to help prevent the needless death of marine animals & the degrading of our ocean habitats please remember the following 3 messages “Think before you buy”, “Think before you throw”, “Think Green”!

Follow us for more on our “Plastic Free July” campaign, where we will be sharing our ideas, our progress & asking you to join us in the pursuit of a cleaner, greener environment.

Until then, let World Ocean Day be the reminder we need to act more responsibly!