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#TrashTuesday - taking care of paradise

Sad fact, nowhere's safe from negligent humans, not even paradise! Made worse by the fact they were only let out of confinement just as recently as 2 weeks ago!

This morning, happy to be released from our 3rd quarantine in as many months, and armed with our swimming stuff we headed off to a secluded little beach.

Would you trash this?

After just a few steps we were horrified enough by the amount of rubbish, mainly plastic, that we headed back to the car to rummage through the boot for something to collect it in!

Wistfully, it wasn't too long before the bag was full! Plastic cups were the main culprit, followed by hundreds of little pieces of hard plastic & film - just the type of crap turtles think is their next meal ... when will people learn?

When will we learn?

As Genie quite rightly said - if everyone were to go out every Tuesday (or any other day in fact), & do the same as us the planet would be a nicer place! She is of course right, but I added with dismay that if humans didn't just dump their shit as and when they were finished with it, we wouldn't be in this mess in the first place!

Anyway a promise was made; at least once a week we are going to go out on a mission to collect a bag of plastic rubbish. Today is Trash Tuesday but it may turn into Waste-Free Wednesday or Sack of Plastic Saturday ... you get my drift ...

We simply ask you to do the same! And please follow us for #plasticfreejuly