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We joined the Waterlust PIP!

A little good news in trying times .....

When you see everything that you have worked hard for disappearing in front of you what do you do? No choice, you need to keep that head above water & stay determined. So, that’s what we are doing right now!

So, a couple of days ago, with the help of a dear diver friend, we approached Waterlust in the hope of joining their Positive Impact Partnership initiative. We are really happy to announce they accepted us onboard!

What is Waterlust?

Waterlust is a company which provides eco-responsible apparel, and that’s not all, they donate a percentage of their sales to fund research and educate the world concerning better awareness in protecting the planet and environmental conservation practices.

We particularly love the intelligence behind the company which shares out funding, generated through sales, between 11 or more different research and awareness raising campaigns such as: Whale Shark, Sea-Turtle, Atlantic Spotted dolphin research amongst others and other conservation programs. And animal welfare being close to our hearts makes it even more rewarding to be able to be a part of this wonderful initiative.

We think you'll agree the clothes are original!

Success is two-fold for us; should we do well & encourage you to purchase a few items, then we help the planet & its animals, and in addition every euro we make in commission will go towards building our own green-friendly dive business in the future!

Our own business plan, focusing on positive scuba diver practices, has been an ongoing project for a while now but with the current pandemic arriving unexpectedly a few months ago everything came to a halt! Working hard in a dive centre and saving hard as planned just isn't going to cut it!

Although there are many positives to working together when you are a couple. One being that in our job, as scuba instructors, the hours are long and days off few so working together means you get to see each other. However at times like these, when we can see no end to the devastating impact the Covid pandemic is having on our industry, we truly wish we had separate jobs!

What can you do to help?

It’s simple really! Every sale no matter how small, will not only go to helping your chosen cause, but will provide us with 25% commission which will go straight in our business piggy bank! Hopefully this will enable us to ride through these difficult times and still have something of our future project intact.

All we ask is you take a look! We are sure, like us, you will agree these clothes are fun and individual! With the added bonus of helping towards environmental change and education it would be just great to think you may make a purchase.

We thank you in advance!

Visit our website for more info ....

"We are not a perfect company - we make plenty of mistakes that mostly reflect the fact that we’re scientists who have stumbled into starting a clothing business. But like anything worthwhile, from training in a sport to writing a dissertation, you can often learn more from the screw-ups than you can from the successes. We promise to always aim high, and when we fall, to be honest, transparent, and get back up and do it better."