Welcome to The Secret Life of a Cuttlefish

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What big eyes you have!

Proportionately to the body, the Caribbean Reef squid has the biggest eyes in the animal kingdom!

What more do we know about this mesmerising creature?

The Caribbean Reef squid is a 10 arm cephalopod. That strange head you see is home to 10 appendages arranged around its mouth. 8 of which are like small arms and 2 tentacles which capture its prey. As with other cephalopods the mouth is a strong beak which is handy when it comes to chopping up its lunch of small fish, mollusks and crustaceans.

Swimming in shoals, the squids are usually between 5-20 in number. Although quite shy at first, stay nice and calm and respect their space, and they will happily swim around you and may even be inquisitive!

Where you will find them on the reef really depends on their maturity. Although nearly always between 0-20m, the younger they are the more shallow they are. The ones videoed here were around 7-8m. They hardly ever get shallower than 2m in order to avoid overhead bird predators from snatching them from the water!

One of the most interesting facts surrounding this amazing creature is the way in which it communicates. With a display of colourful skin changes the Caribbean Squid sends messages such as readiness to mate and alerts of danger. And if the squid feels in too much danger watch out for its ink jet sprayed to confuse the predator while making a hasty escape.

Even the death of the creature is interesting! The Reef Squid are semelparous which means they die shortly after reproduction! The female dies immediately after laying her eggs, while the male has time to fertilise many females before he also dies!

So, there you go a few interesting facts about the Caribbean Reef Squid. All that remains, if you haven't done so already, is to watch the short video. If you would like to see more then come dive with us in the warm waters of Martinique.