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World Cleanup Day 2020 - Martinique

Will the world unite for a better cleaner planet?

As 2020 heads towards the last quarter we have a lot to look back on, and not all positive!

But we have the chance, this weekend, to change that, to do something together ... something positive!

It's World Cleanup Day & here in Martinique we are privileged to have the young and motivated ambassador Sylvian Perrier heading the campaign for a cleaner Martinique!

All around the island, groups of willing volunteers will be gathering to clean up some of the more needy spots, in the hope of reaching a cleaner environment while, at the same time, encouraging the inhabitants to be more responsible concerning waste disposal.

The Cleanup operation, finally tuned to respect the social distancing rules in place for the pandemic, will commence early Saturday morning. The meeting places can be found on the website https://www.worldcleanupday.org/ & through several events set up on Facebook.

We personally will be joining the cleanup operation underwater bringing together "Mer et terre" with a group of local divers. With it being Project Aware Week 19-27 September this brings together two great cleanup incentives!

Together we can do great things - we hope to see lots of you out there cleaning our planet this Saturday!