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Zoom Room

Start your scuba adventures from home!

The Zoom Room is where you will find our online courses. Online scuba diving courses will be offered via a mixture of eLearning either via 3rd party providers, plus the opportunity to attend online classrooms brought to you via Zoom. We will be updating our courses regularly. Please contact us if you don't see a course you would like. Most courses can be attended by up to 4 participants.

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Project to Go Pro? We have something for you!

Find out more about our Go Pro resources where we provide courses up to DiveMaster, and where we will also be offering English courses for foreign divers wanting to become international dive instructors whether from the French DEJEPS, BPJEPS etc. or via PADI etc. Contact us to find more about this unique opportunity to enhance your skills & improve your CV!

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Underwater Adventurer diver specialty package:

  1. Enriched Air Nitrox Diver 

  2. Digital Underwater photo or Video 

  3. Underwater Naturalist 

Details: Each one of these courses come with a practical eLearning solution! You can begin the courses now at home and complete each in-water session with us in Martinique! The Nitrox can be completed entirely via eLearning in preparation for completing the Digital Underwater & Underwater Naturalist diving Nitrox! The perfect adventurers scuba diving package!

4 dive sessions (minimum)


Emergency First Response (required for PADI Rescue Diver)

  1. Primary Care CPR

  2. Secondary Care First Aid  

  3. Care for Children 

  4. CPR & AED 

Details: This course, a prerequisite for the Rescue Diver, is the perfect

confidence builder for the lay Rescuer. We offer this course in 2 parts: The eLearning self study with teacher aid in the Zoom Room sessions & the practical part, demonstrating & applying skills with our EFR Instructor in a stress free learning environment. 


ENGLISH courses

A good scuba instructor, as well as having solid dive-knowledge & excellent teaching skills, benefit from a complete CV filled with other competences including languages. Find out how you can improve your English in Zoom Room!


French courses

The list of dive destinations with a strong French influence is vast including: Egypt, French Polynesia, Antilles, Maldives, Roatán ... Adding French to your professional diving CV is a big plus! Find out how in the French Zoom Room!




Have a long-term project to become a dive professional & want to take you time to get prepared for your DiveMaster course and exam? Contact us to find out how. And why not add a language to your CV at the same time with our Pro+ package!